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    Specializes in bringing small and medium size companies to the European public market.

Going Public with Gray Coast Capital

Gray Coast Capital specializes in bringing small and medium size companies to the U.S. and European public market places primarily on the Pink Sheets, the OTC:BB and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Express IPO can assist you in the preparation, filing and other requirements to become a publicly traded company.

  • Gray Coast Capital recommends the Frankfurt Stock Exchange or the Pink Sheets as a fast, easy and economical way to go public. Why the Frankfurt Exchange? or Why the Pink Sheets?
  • There are many benefits of being a public company - Learn more
  • Reverse Mergers are an alternative when considering going public, there are advantages and drawbacks.Learn more
  • Raising Money when you are public - using your stock as a benchmark. - Learn more

And contrary to what you’ve ‘heard’ it is possible to take your company public without giving up half of your company to venture capitalists, without losing control, without all the red tape and without using expensive accountants and lawyers.

Can any company go public? Yes, most companies including U.S. and foreign companies will have the necessary qualifications to become publicly traded.To trade on the Frankfurt Exchange or the Pink Sheets:

  • There are no asset or revenue requirements for companies.
  • There is no minimum quantitative standard, which must be met by an issuer for its securities to be quoted on the Frankfurt Exchange or the Pink Sheets.
  • You do not have to be a reporting company with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
  • There are no ongoing filings or reporting requirements with the NASD or the SEC for quotation in the Pink Sheets.