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    Specializes in bringing small and medium size companies to the European public market.

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About Us

About Us- Gray Coast Capital - Our mission is to provide our clients, including start ups, early stage development or foreign companies, with the services that will assist them in the “first step” in becoming a public company. Our below market fees are possible because we utilize our in-house experienced professionals. Our professionals have been through this process a number of times and do the majority of the work. In addition, we specialize in the following areas only, the Pink Sheets, the OTC:BB, and the Pink Sheets, the OTC:BB, and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Specializing allows us to streamline the “going public” process to maximize efficiency and keep costs low to the benefit of our clients.

Gray Coast Capital Guidance

Gray Coast Capital Guidance - Whether your company is in the start-up stage or fully operational Express IPO Capital is eminently prepared to fully guide your company through the process of going public.