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    Safe Harbor

    Specializes in bringing small and medium size companies to the European public market.

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About Company

Gray Coast Capital

Gray Coast Capital specializes in bringing small and medium size companies to the European public market primarily on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE). If you have a Canadian, US or other foreign company we can assist you in the preparation, filing and other requirements to become a publicly traded company. We offer many other services in the following areas:

  • Pink Sheets, OTCBB and Frankfurt Stock Exchange filing
  • Dual Listings Learn More »
  • REGISTRATION assistance for SB2 filing
  • SHELL company acquisitions and consulting Learn More »

“Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you.”

Tony Hsieh - Internet Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist and Zappos CEO

Create your vision with our help.

Company strategy

Gray Coast Capital strategy is to provide small and medium sized private companies the same opportunity to access the public markets to raise funds as the larger public companies have. How? By taking your company public without giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to attorneys and big-four accounting firms and give away less than 10% of your equity!

Going Public

Gray Coast Capital has developed a way to fast track the whole ‘Going Public Process’ without breaking a company’s bank. The fastest, easiest and most economical way to go public is to get listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange or the Pink Sheets as the “first step” into the public markets. We have simplified the whole process to keep the costs down so that most small businesses can now afford to enter the public markets.

Consulting Services

Consulting services for companies who would like to Go Public - providing a thorough review of the company's organizational structure, financial history, their strategies for growth and expansion and whether they would qualify for being publicly traded and which process to use.

Company Assistance

Assist companies to go public on the Frankfurt Exchange - Gray Coast Capital will assist in the listing of your company on one of the best alternative markets for a small company today - The Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

SB-2 Registration

Assist companies to go public on the Pink Sheets - Gray Coast Capital will assist in the preparation of all the documentation and disclosure required for a listing on the Pink Sheets.

Business in europe

Gray Coast Capital has access to shell companies for Pink Sheets and OTCBB markets and consults on Reverse Mergers. In addition, Gray Coast Capital will provide assistance in preparation of SB-2 registration statements.